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Common Questions

Q: Do I need to Book? 

A: Give me a call if you're thinking of training or fill in the enquiry form and I can arrange for you to have a free taster session. 

Q: Do I need to stay with my children while you train?

A: No, you can drop them off and pick them up when training has finished

Q: What age can train?

A: From the age of 6, to right past retirement age !!

Q: What shall I wear for my first lesson?

A: Loose clothing, tracksuit bottoms and T-Shirt will be fine we train in bare foot. When you are ready we can supply a 'dogi'(Karate suit ) for a very competetive £20

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There are no contracts and no complications. you simply pay as you train. contactless Card payments taken.

JUNIORS (under 18)

£5.00 per session

ADULTS (18 and Over)

£6.00 per session

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Welcome to RENSHU, one of Cheltenham's finest traditional Shotokan karate clubs.

RENSHU in karate terms means " training" which implies the hard endless training concept that is Shotokan Karate.

When added together with "practice" (Keiko), it forms the idea of "forging" (Tanren) and "Shugeyo" which is training and practice to "the extreme and for excellence". This is what we are all about as a Dojo.

As a Karate School, we have been around for a while and are a group of traditional Shotokan Karate dojo's based at various locations in and around Cheltenham.

We started our adventures under the tuition of Simon Shepherd sensei at his Dojo where many of us trained for many years. Renshu was formed with joint input from Dan Sensei and Natalie Sensei after Simon retired from teaching Karate, although he is still active in the karate community and is the HDKI general manager and our grading examiner

As such, we have been part of this community for many years and most of our students, and black belts, not surprisingly, are from the local schools and the surrounding areas.

We are part of HDKI (founded by Scott Langley 7th Dan) which is one of the best Shotokan Karate organisations not based in Japan.​

We're an open, all-inclusive, family-friendly dojo. We teach and train with all ages, from 6 to 69.....and upwards of that too. 

Our instructors have many years of experience in Karate and have attained many competition medals between them. 

All our instructors are fully-insured, HDKI accredited and CRB/DBS checked.

We don't do gimmicks, tie you into contracts or promise you'll be a black belt in 10 minutes!! What we do, is study traditonal shotokan karate in a friendly, welcoming club with great connections to the wider Karate community.Come along, train and enjoy. Your first lesson is FREE!



To have respect for others

To maintain self-discipline

To be focussed

To gain confidence

To be safe

To be committed

and more importantly... to make it fun




Sensei:Natalie Böttcher

Natalie started sport karate at the age of 13 when she started training in Goju-Ryu.

She was soon invited to compete at regional and later national WKF competitions where she progressed to the national squad (in Slovakia) attending many more competitions and winning medals every time and went on to reach 1st Kyu in Goju-Ryu.​

Having done Goju-Ryu before, Natalie decided to join a karate club in 2017 with the aim of learning traditional Shotokan karate under Simon Shepherd Sensei where she went on to gain her Shodan (1st Dan) in Shotokan under Scott Langley and Simon Shepherd. In 2021 Natalie gained her Nidan (2nd Dan) under Scott Langley,Bob Rhodes,Ricardo Galina,Simon Bligh and Paul Uren. 

Natalie regularly instructs at Renshu attends karate seminars nationally and is an active member of the HDKI GB squad team competing in both Kata and Kumite where she has won many medals in the national and international competitions.

Natalie is the club coach for competition Karate and leads the team that represent Renshu in both local and regional competitions.

Natalie obtained her class D judge/referee qualification in 2019, is fully DBS checked and she has also recently completed a sports first aid course to ensure that the dojo is a safe place to practice karate for everyone.


Dan started martial arts aged 8 with Judo, then as a teenager, took classes in kickboxing and spent many years learning Tae Kwon Do, gaining his black belt with the TAGB in 1999 and competed in many competitions including nationals.

In Shotokan, he gained his Shodan (1st Dan) black belt under Rob Bunting, Steve Bails and Amanda Gisby sensei in 2013 and his Nidan (2nd Dan) black belt under Simon Bligh, Chrissie Howard and Simon Shepherd Sensei in 2019 (HDKI)

Dan was Sempai for many years at Simon Shepherd Sensei's Dojo. When Simon retired in December 2019, Dan continued to train and teach at his own dojo despite the challenges of Covid 19 and the lockdown, he still maintained a healthy training regime at the club when guidelines allowed. This continued until the creation of the Renshu club with Natalie Sensei. 

​He loves all aspects of Karate from the sports side and traditional side but particularly loves Bunkai (the application of the kata in defence. Katas aren't just making shapes...!! ) and is proud of the friendly feel that exists at Renshu. Seeing children, adults and families benefit, grow and enjoy what Shotokan brings to people. In fact, both of his sons gained their black belts at the club.

Dan is also a qualified referee and fully enhanced DBS checked.

Sensei: Dan Pope

Renshu Shotokan Karate Cheltenham

Sensei: Natalie Bottcher

Renshu Shotokan Karate Cheltenham
Renshu Shotokan Karate Cheltenham
Renshu Shotokan Karate Cheltenham
Renshu Shotokan Karate Cheltenham
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Renshu Shotokan Karate Cheltenham


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Where we train


Christ Church Primary School

Malvern Road


GL50 2NR

6.30 to 8.00 All grades

Sensei: Dan Pope 


Balcarras Sports Centre Pavilion Building

East End Road
Charlton Kings
GL53 8QF

9.0-10.0 Senior grades only (Brown and black belts)

10.0-11.0 Junior grades white to purple stripe

Sensei Natalie Bottcher


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